Facing Challenges

My son and I were chatting last night about his disability and some of the challenges that presented (The conversation flowed from him being upset that someone had asked him to stop shaking his arms …. even though these are involuntary and unpredictable actions).
We talked about everyone having challenges to overcome but some being more obvious or profound than others. Good to be exploring not letting other peoples perceptions be a limitation, and about living life as an adventure ….. despite the hurdles.
There were a couple of people that I’d come across recently that I thought would be an example of living an adventure regardless of the hurdles encountered. Those being Jess Thom and Tim Renkow, Jess has Tourettes, Tim has Cerebral Palsy.

I love the fact that Jess set up a website that records the random creative absurdity that come from verbal tics. I’ve been reading a bunch of them and hope one will be a springboard into a comedy routine.

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