Discipleship and Young People

I thoroughly enjoyed running a CPD (actually, ‘ Continuing Professional and Spiritual Development’) day for youth ministers … in conjunction with the wonderful folk of High Wycombe YFC. It was great to have a whole day to really do justice to exploring theology and culture before looking at a spiritual, theology and praxis response.
The four sections of the day were as in the above Powerpoint Shot.
1. Showing from various bits of research, anecdote and data that Disccipleship in the Western Church is in trouble.
2. Engaging with culture and theology, showing that in general current discipleship practices were largely informational and cerebral. A journey through Christian tradition and a re-examination of the gospels to look afresh at possible approaches
3. Spiritual practice, our own engagement with growth, the centrality of our own (and communal) journeying in faith.
4. In light of all of the above, and of our understanding of the Adolescent Soul; What might practice look like.

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