Discipleship and Young People

I thoroughly enjoyed running a CPD (actually, ‘ Continuing Professional and Spiritual Development’) day for youth ministers … in conjunction with the wonderful folk of High Wycombe YFC. It was great to have a whole day to really do justice to exploring theology and culture before looking at a spiritual, theology and praxis response.
The four sections of the day were as in the above Powerpoint Shot.
1. Showing from various bits of research, anecdote and data that Disccipleship in the Western Church is in trouble.
2. Engaging with culture and theology, showing that in general current discipleship practices were largely informational and cerebral. A journey through Christian tradition and a re-examination of the gospels to look afresh at possible approaches
3. Spiritual practice, our own engagement with growth, the centrality of our own (and communal) journeying in faith.
4. In light of all of the above, and of our understanding of the Adolescent Soul; What might practice look like.

Comedy Competition

I enjoyed being part of the semi-finals of the ‘Laughing Horse’ competition and was happy with my performance. Most of the comedians there though were WAY more experienced than me and the calibre was extremely high. Unsurprisingly I am not through to the finals but I am really chuffed to have been in the Semis.
Gig schedule for the rest of 2015 looks like this:

1st Dec London (New act showcase gig)
4th Dec ACE SPACE Newbury
12th Dec Hampstead Norrys (Great little country pub Open Mic)
19th The legendary ACE SPACE Christmas Bash

(I will have blitzed my BHAG of 24 gigs in 2015 with a likely 26 in the comedic bank of experience)

Milton Jones

Milton Jones on faith, Jesus and Comedy
the miltonint.jpg

“While it’s true that my parents are Christians, many of my family are Christians, the dog is a Christian, etc… I believe in God because of a gut feeling that the universe is not just a massive fluke. What’s more, my experience of handing over my own life to God and trying to follow the teachings of Jesus has led to a sense of peace and purpose, an inner force guiding and taking care of me. It wasn’t until I owned up to all this, and outed myself as a Christian as a teenager, that my life began to take shape. This has led, eventually, to working in the world of comedy. Something I don’t think I would have had the courage to do on my own”

Full interview from LICC site is here

Mysterious working of the adolescent brain

TED talk by Sarah-Jayne Blakemore
“Why do teenagers seem so much more impulsive, so much less self-aware than grown-ups? Cognitive neuroscientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore compares the prefrontal cortex in adolescents to that of adults, to show us how typically “teenage” behavior is caused by the growing and developing brain”
oh, and you’ll find it here (ht to the rather Brilliant Miz)
Radio 4 interview with Sarah-Jayne Blakemore


Just loading up the transport for a youth weekend away. It is a VERY much nicer bus than I was expecting. The regular white bog standard minibus was not available so I have a Six gear luxury Ford with uber nice seats and every gadget under the sun (and then some).
It’s like driving a rather impressive Lounge being propelled by some sort of nuclear power station. The contrast with Charlie van is extreme with the small luxuries of power, quiet, comfort and electronics really standing out. (Still prefer Charlie Bus though).