Mend the Gap

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We ran an event on Saturday called ‘Mend the Gap’ for ANYONE from churches across the Diocese looking at how they might better connect (or re-connect) with children, young people and families. It turned out to be a really encouraging event; the hundred and twenty who gathered engaged wonderfully with the programme, with the assembled speakers, and with each other.
The focus of the day was to outline the assumptions that as churches we easily fall into … and then build from. We then looked at different models, ideas and questions that emerged from re-visiting ecclesiology, culture and theology, hearing from people who were working in different and creative ways.
I tried to de-jargon the SCRAP model. Looking instead at how these ‘foundations’ un-examined could lead to a ‘building’ that was very wobbly indeed. (The metaphor worked better with the pictures on the Powerpoint *laughing*)
If you’d like to know more … My colleague and I are happy to bring Mend the Gap to your deanery!

Ending in a timely fashion

I have a new watch. It’s only a cheap digital resin ‘I want to look like Action Man’ Casio type arrangement BUT it has one brilliant feature. The nifty extra is that it has a countdown timer that will make the watch vibrate when it reaches 00:00. The significance being that when I am given a 10 minute slot at a comedy club I can set it for 9 minutes and once it vibrates I have 1 minute to seal the deal and leave the stage.

You wont be annoyed by an electronic alarm, no …
Not on my watch!

I thought I would flag this tech up as I know a number of people whose Vicars could REALLY use one of these to be able to bring the sermon to a conclusion in a time consistent with some learning, general well being ….. and retaining the congregation’s will to live. (I would however want a small modification made to the Clergy Issue version whereby the watch would also give the final minute indicator if the words “And finally” are used).
Ian Macdonald comedy routine laughing sole.jpg

Young People and Theological Imagination

I love this stuff that Youthfront are doing in working with young people on Christian Formation. It’s a fascinating article on the evolution of Youthfront … and the Taize inspired practice they have arrived at, So encouraging for me to find such a great model of the stuff I’ve been talking about. Loving it.
Have a read here

“We are passionate about recovering classic Christian formation in the lives of young people,”

Like a Virgin

No Idea what to make of this but it was kind of fascinating to watch. It’s clearly not actually spontaneous so I’m surprised that she was not coached a little more. It does make for a useful ‘watch and reflect’ exercise.

I can’t have an un-biassed view though as I am still bitter about her covering murdering ‘American Pie’

Ten Holy Habits

I was pointed to this initiative this morning that the Methodists are trialing in Birmingham. It’s a programme for churches based on Acts 2. If you’d like to see what it’s about here is the link.
On a related note, the Fresh Expressions website has put together a list of discipleship ‘stuff’ here, whilst CPAS also have a portal (gotta love the word ‘portal’) named Disciplekit.
If I was going to host a related portal I’d called it ‘DiscipleshipShip’ … a vessel for all the help you need to make waves in your life and faith.
(note to self, don’t laugh out loud on a train people look nervous)