Ending in a timely fashion

I have a new watch. It’s only a cheap digital resin ‘I want to look like Action Man’ Casio type arrangement BUT it has one brilliant feature. The nifty extra is that it has a countdown timer that will make the watch vibrate when it reaches 00:00. The significance being that when I am given a 10 minute slot at a comedy club I can set it for 9 minutes and once it vibrates I have 1 minute to seal the deal and leave the stage.

You wont be annoyed by an electronic alarm, no …
Not on my watch!

I thought I would flag this tech up as I know a number of people whose Vicars could REALLY use one of these to be able to bring the sermon to a conclusion in a time consistent with some learning, general well being ….. and retaining the congregation’s will to live. (I would however want a small modification made to the Clergy Issue version whereby the watch would also give the final minute indicator if the words “And finally” are used).
Ian Macdonald comedy routine laughing sole.jpg

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