Ego religion

Religion will either feed and enbolden the ego or it will be the means to an increasing honest vulnerability that is the way of humility. This is why CS Lewis noted that religion produced the worst of people or the best of people. The former creates an unaware false self, the later the more self-aware real self.
The ego cannot spot the narrower path as it is wrapped up in the need to defend and control. The narrower path though once hesitatingly walked upon begins to afford a frightening view of the hold the ego exerted.
The gospels are alive with this. Jesus confronted and challenged ego religion, but was clear that the ‘poor in spirit’ were blessed. Jesus rounded on those whose religion was about appearance and conformity, blessed those who knew their need.
What a tragedy when our theological framework, our denominational allegiance, and our moral judgement is the fuel for, and the product of, ego.

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