Discipling Young People

I’m speaking at a day conference in High Wycombe on Nov 26th looking at discipleship and young people. It’s been in the diary for months but it was kind of off my radar until a Tweet cropped up yesterday with the booking details.
I’m looking forward to the day enormously.
Hope to see some familiar faces (although It turns out it’s more expensive to hear me talk on theology than it is to see me perform comedy)
Supplemental: In my head now is, “Hi, I’m Ian … I’m a Stand Up Theologian!”

Christian Album covers

Thank you Relevant magazine for this fantastic collection of cringe, this anthology of awfulness …. this compendium of cheese. Have a look, have a laugh. Wonderful.
You’ll find them here. Have to say that the one below is my favourite as it brings ‘stand up comedy’ into play.
So a hatted beluga whale, a deaf drag artist and a pig walk into a comedy show …..

Ego religion

Religion will either feed and enbolden the ego or it will be the means to an increasing honest vulnerability that is the way of humility. This is why CS Lewis noted that religion produced the worst of people or the best of people. The former creates an unaware false self, the later the more self-aware real self.
The ego cannot spot the narrower path as it is wrapped up in the need to defend and control. The narrower path though once hesitatingly walked upon begins to afford a frightening view of the hold the ego exerted.
The gospels are alive with this. Jesus confronted and challenged ego religion, but was clear that the ‘poor in spirit’ were blessed. Jesus rounded on those whose religion was about appearance and conformity, blessed those who knew their need.
What a tragedy when our theological framework, our denominational allegiance, and our moral judgement is the fuel for, and the product of, ego.

Gig schedule

Need to find one more gig for the diary to hit my target of 24 for this year. Here’s the plan as it looks at the moment.
6th Nov ACE SPACE Newbury
11th Nov ‘Jester Jester’ (no guarantee of a gig but I’ll get there early and hope)
9th Nov Candle Club Southampton
1st Dec Showcase gig London (Graduation from Comedy course)


Preachski is probably not the Russian for sermon but the idea amused me (and it’s better that the German, ‘Predigt’) but I digress. I’m musing about my talks for the ski trip (hence Preachski) and wanted to throw out the question to the collective wisdom.
The trip is over the New Year so it suggests something around change and what we might embrace. I guess I want to look at Spiritual growth … from a wisdom/experience dialogue not a exposition of ‘oughts’ and ‘shoulds’
Any Thoughtskis?

Re-boot after Ironing out a bug in the system

I’ve been off the grid since the weekend as I picked up some sort of food poisoning. I will spare you the details but if I say that I lost two kg of weight in 48 hours you’ll perhaps gather that there was a degree of intensity to my un-wellness *laughing*
I’m still low on energy but happily work have advised me not to come in today so I get another day to regain full-on Tigger status. It also gives me a chance to submit my dissertation proposal (as long as I don’t get distracted by blogging).
It’s good to be back

Residential Centre Special Offer

The Caldecotte centre in Milton Keynes have got a great offer on in January and February. They are offering a catered 2 night stay with 3 activities for £50 per person in their new Yurts. If you were thinking of taking your group away then this is a GREAT opportunity.
caldecot experience.pdf
Youthblog: Your one stop shop for Youth work special offers *laughing*