Vinyl Revival

Over the summer I journeyed to the centre of the Loft to retrieve an old nineteen eighties stereo unit that had all the retro gubbins you would expect … including twin cassette deck and, importantly, a turntable.
Beneath the dust, a noble lump of black plastic engineering and ‘styling’ still existed and in fact fired up at the first try. Thus we starting playing records again ….. marvelous. I cannot believe how good the sound quality is or how ‘warm’ the sound is. I have actually added to our vinyl collection in the last few weeks. Currently listening to the best of the Carpenters, before that it was Bolero by Ravel.
Have decided that CD’s are so last century, and that the, well, even more last century technology of vinyl discs are the future. I have been spun right round, like a record Baby, right round!

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