That was the summer that was

A slight Autumnal chill in the air this morning as I headed into work served as a marker that another summer has passed, and that September with it’s attendant responsibilities and demands is where I find myself. What a summer it was though with the diem well and truly Carpe’d as it were, the longer days fully embraced. Highlights include getting some stage time at the Edinburgh festival, many nights in the camper at various beaches, festivals and camp sites; cycling, kayaking, hiking, chilling …. and of course spending time with family, friends and communities. Definitely the joy and fun of a season in the sun. Marvelous
I have one more day off left, to get to BUS FEST on Friday (need some spare parts and advice to keep Charlie bus on the road). But other than that, the Diocesan Youth Adviser is fully back on duty; “How can I help?”

* In the picture it is not that I have really weird hips but that I am wearing a Spray deck!

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