S.C.R.A.P the assumptions

I’ve been trying to get churches/leaders to step back from some of the unconscious assumptions from which discipleship approaches to work among young people can unhelpfully flow. Typical of me I’ve shoe-horned them into an acronym.
Assumptions that negatively influence discipleship approaches
S The Church SERVICE as the be all and end all.
C CHRISTENDOM as the shaper of our ecclesiology and attitude to the wider culture.
R RATIONALITY. That is promoting a Christian life that is more about “The Know” then “The Way” more about information gain than spiritual journeying and the praxis of faith
A ADULTCENTRIC approaches that see young people as empty vessels to be filled not co-journeyers … or those we can learn from.
P PROGRAMME. The forgetting that it is about relationship, community and encounter. All the energy going into systems, programmes, events.
I need to work out other more accessible ways of rendering this too,so far I’ve just played with this as a series of headings:
1. Church isn’t primarily the Sunday service
2. We aren’t in the business of telling other people how to live (we are in the business of living it)
3. Christianity is ‘The Way’ not ‘The Know’ (It is caught not taught)
4. Children and Young people are not empty vessels
5. The danger of Programmes

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  1. Nic,
    Thank you 🙂
    Glad to find someone else standing at the same bus stop. My concern is that ecclesiologically speaking there are not many buses travelling this particular route

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