Great article in the Independent on practical ways to help the refugees. All credit to the newspaper for the piece.
The last few days has seen so many heartbreaking stories and pictures, and in particular the photograph of the body of Aylan on the shoreline. As someone tweeted, “no parent puts their children in a boat unless it is safer than the land”
Ironic in a year where we pledge to remember the lessons of the world wars we are doing so little about the genocide, rape, oppression and slavery that is occurring, and failing the refugees that are fleeing this horror.
I feel saddened and overwhelmed. I was supposed to be writing some comedy material last night but just wasn’t in a place where this was possible or desirable.
Supplemental: Some links that could be useful in working with teenagers on understanding and responding:
Refugee resource kit
Uniting Justice resource
Refugee week 2016
Churches refugee response
Church of Scotland resource

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