A to Z Youth Work ‘M’

M: Minibus

Youth work is a journey … the minibus is ‘literally’ one of the key vehicles (see also ‘I’ for informal education in terms of conceptual key vehicles)

The Minibus has been part of the memory making of Youth work for as long as this form of transport existed. In recent years it has become a little more complicated as since Jan 1997 there has not automatically been a D1 on driving licences. (See the DVLA site for all that that means).
If you haven’t got direct access to a Minibus, then it is well worth building a connection with someone who has as there is no better way to move 17 of you to wherever you are going! *Note however that if you are going on a residential you may need to allow up to one seat extra per person for food and luggage, and if you are going on a full blown camping trip it can be as many as 2 seats extra per body as all doors and walkways must be kept clear.

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