Are you trying to be funny?

I start on a comedy course in London at the weekend. One day a week for eight weeks.
I’m very excited about being a student at Comedy School, party because it’ll be very cool and partly because how healing will it be that the classic sarcastic questions that were levelled at me by secondary school teachers now become utterly positive.
“Are you trying to be funny Ian?” er, YES!
” MACDONALD ….Would you like to share the joke with the rest of the class?” er, actually … I would!
“Being a clown will not get you anywhere!!!! *laughing* oh but it has

Sticky Faith in the Diocese in October

Two Sticky Faith training events running in October:
19th October in Buckingham
22nd October in Reading
(There is also an event in Abingdon on 21st specifically around parenting)
Sticky Faith The Oct 2015 Tour Flyer.pdf
sticky faith flyer – Abingdon.pdf


“Wisdom, just like good poetry, must and will always “resist intelligence,” as New England poet Wallace Stevens says enigmatically. It gives just enough of reality to keep us out of our too-easy egotistic center. True wisdom requires a spiritual state to complete the “logic.” Mature spirituality insists that we hold out for meaning instead of settling for mere answers”

Gig 21 rocked

comic sil.jpg
So gig 21 was for a heat of The Laughing Horse New Act of the year competition. It was, I think, my best performance so far. I actually kind of enjoyed watching the video for analysis rather than suffering the usual pangs of cringe; not that there isn’t plenty to work on, just that I feel that I have passed another marker. It’s also the first time where I have been more excited than terrified (although the nerves were still a focusing factor)
Am looking forward to my next two gigs which is semi-ok … but kind of dangerous too.
The dream from day one though has always been to play “The Laughing Sole” and that dream is realized on October 6th. On the Friday before (Oct 2nd) I get to do my first gig at ACE SPACE since May (I MC’d the one in June and then it has been the summer break)

Auspuff Skandal

The VW scandal is extraordinary. A global company operating dishonestly on the same level of a backstreet garage winding back the mileage on an old banger or adding sawdust to the oil so it doesn’t sound as rough. Staggering. It also makes a mockery of environmental legislation when companies see it not as a responsibility but an annoying hurdle to fudge in order to sell more cars … regardless of the impact.
Not cool Chokeswagon!

S.C.R.A.P the assumptions

I’ve been trying to get churches/leaders to step back from some of the unconscious assumptions from which discipleship approaches to work among young people can unhelpfully flow. Typical of me I’ve shoe-horned them into an acronym.
Assumptions that negatively influence discipleship approaches
S The Church SERVICE as the be all and end all.
C CHRISTENDOM as the shaper of our ecclesiology and attitude to the wider culture.
R RATIONALITY. That is promoting a Christian life that is more about “The Know” then “The Way” more about information gain than spiritual journeying and the praxis of faith
A ADULTCENTRIC approaches that see young people as empty vessels to be filled not co-journeyers … or those we can learn from.
P PROGRAMME. The forgetting that it is about relationship, community and encounter. All the energy going into systems, programmes, events.
I need to work out other more accessible ways of rendering this too,so far I’ve just played with this as a series of headings:
1. Church isn’t primarily the Sunday service
2. We aren’t in the business of telling other people how to live (we are in the business of living it)
3. Christianity is ‘The Way’ not ‘The Know’ (It is caught not taught)
4. Children and Young people are not empty vessels
5. The danger of Programmes

Bill Bailey

Such a great evening last night seeing Bill Bailey play the Corn Exchange in Newbury. It was entitled “work in progress” and was a work-up of material ready for his forthcoming “Limboland” tour. From what I saw though it’s virtually complete AND very funny indeed.
I loved it not just because he was superb (and he really was), but also like me he doesn’t really do jokes … and so it was an education too see a master at work in that vein of comedy. Bill doesn’t just not do jokes though, he does non-jokes and they are hilarious. The Lionel Richie thread was brilliant for reasons that make no sense *laughing*
I want to see the tour proper though and see what he has tweaked and changed