I’m a bit sleepy this morning after being at a comedy gig in South London last night. Forest Hill Church put together a great comedy evening as part of the Sydenham Arts Festival. The venue was their shop/community centre called “Here for Good” which they had set up brilliantly for a comedy evening.
I wasn’t performing (although I got roped into an improvised sketch, so I can now tick the “Have you ever played King Arthur in a piece of theatre that the audience demands encompasses Opera and Ballet” box on comedy resumes!). I’d gone to see Rob Thomas and Tony Vino in action. It was a cracking evening with a lot of laughter. Best of all though was the chance to chat to Tony and to Rob who shared a lot of wisdom with me. (It’s Rob who is heading up the ‘Clean as Possible Comedy Show’ where I have my slots at Edinburgh).
I love comedy!

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