On the Coach

Am on the way to London from Oxford. I thought I’d take the coach as it is cheaper than the train, has loads more leg room … and free Wi-Fi, oh and Air Con. I was just feeling quite chuffed why this choice, and that I could get in two hours of productive work done sitting as I am at a table (with a power socket …. that works, trains take note) when we hit the main road. Thheee Llleeevevvelllll of viiiBration is Reallllllllly is MMMmaaaaKKKIng it Trrr iickYYYY to either wooork or seeee the SCree een. Arrghghghhghghh!
The best laids plans of Mice and Men (and travellers) #Awry

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  1. I had exactly the same experience last week. Someone received a very wobbly letter from me and my laptop mouse was rendered almost useless on my spreadsheets. Still prefer it to the train though – but next time I’ll plan to read!

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