My post acoustic phase

Musically I think I am leaving my acoustic phase. Non-electric has been aesthetically pleasing, whilst the stripped down sound has been purer in many ways. However electric feels a little more Rock n’ Roll, a little more edgy … so here’s my instrument of choice as I embrace post-acoustic expression:

ht to Miz for finding this product

Assemblies, Collective Worship and Schools

A training event that is happening in the Diocese on May 12th. If you are interested in being part of it then you’ll find details here

” This is a free evening event for clergy, Lay Ministers, Children and Youth Workers who lead acts of collective worship in primary or secondary schools.”

Ace Space

The wonderfully welcoming community arts project called ACE SPACE where I do most of my gigs has a new web site. It’s a very cool venue indeed and hosts some great gigs. (I especially recommend ‘Police Dog Hogan’ in November which I’ll definitely be buying tickets for). Have a look.