Comedy books

Just noticed that the comedic bibliography is becoming quite extensive. So far I have ingested (metaphorically):
The Naked Jape by Jimmy Car
Getting the Joke by Oliver Double
Stand Up: An audience with Joseph Vine
Where do Comedians go when they die? by Milton Jones
The Bluffers guide to Stand Up Comedy by Bruce Dessau
How to do Stand Up Comedy by Sooty Jay
Become a Stand Up Comedian in 1 week by Sooty Jay
The Serious Guide to Joke Writing by Sally Holloway
Be a Great Stand Up by Logan Murray
Starting Out in Stand Up by Dave Pitt
Stand Up-Put Downs
Stand Up and Deliver: Andy Kind
The Gig Delusion: Andy Kind
I Laughed, I Cried: Viv Groskop
The Comedy Toolbox: Vorhaus
Tommy Cooper ‘Always leave them Laughing’: John Fisher
Attitude: Tony Allen
How I escaped my certain fate: Stewart Lee
Off The Mike: Deborah Frances-White
Mack the Life: Lee Mack
Any recommendations that I’ve missed?

Comedy Update

Enormous fun last week being the MC for a comedy evening at the National Youth, Childrens and Families Advisers Conference. I got to set up the evening and then do a warm up slot before handing over to the surreal and brilliant Noel James.
(Am counting this as half a gig which then takes me up to 8 in total if I include the two MC slots I’ve done as adding up to a gig)
It was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and the masterclass in timing from watching Noel at work.
Very grateful to Helen Tomblin (the lovely comedy promoter who runs The Laughing Sole*) for giving me the opportunity.
* I’m going to be up at Stirchley on April 7th ….. in the audience I should add

2014 National Church and Social Action Survey

This piece of work is an inspiring pointer to the difference that churches make to individuals, families and communities. It’s impressive stuff (even though it only covers direct work by the churches, it doesn’t touch on the impact of Christians volunteering in other spheres and initiatives). Read more here
In addition to high levels of volunteering, church members also generously finance the vast majority of initiatives, with UK churches increasing their spending on social action to approximately £393m in 2014. This is an increase of 14.9% in two years and 36.5% in four years. 72% of churches are financing social actions totally themselves, while for those that have received any grants, these do not cover total costs

A to Z Youth Work

I started writing an A to Z of Youth work SOME time ago and was attempting to pen something useful but with humour around the edges. For whatever reason I only made it as far as ‘I’. So, here’s me resuming the process with J (next post) after indexing the existing entries below, tada:
A: Adolescence
B: Belonging
E: Empowerment
F: Funding
G: Group work
H: Honesty
I: Informal Education

All over the place

Not sure what happened yesterday as my diary and journey planning went lopsided-ellipsoid* completely.
I needed to be in Milton Keynes first thing to be introducing the Safeguarding training and doing some Networking with the gathered throng. I left home just after 06:30 to get there in time but the combination of the M40 junction, an accident/road closure and the sheer incompetence of heading from “Christ the King” Church not “Christ the Cornerstone!” (who knew?) meant I arrived with 1 minute in hand. Phew!
I’d then arranged a lunchtime meeting to pitch an idea to Adventure Plus at their brand new Adventure Base. All good apart from being in the far North of the Diocese I was heading to the furthest reaches of the mid-west.
I must have thought that the Taize schools promotion at Wellington College (Very South East of the Diocese) was an evening gig, but it wasn’t …. it was late afternoon. Doh!
Got there in time though and a very pleasant afternoon/evening and meal it was too.
Crazy day though and didn’t leave enough time for planning Thursday. Hey Ho!
(I definitely don’t want to be in the car as much today though, but having said that I am on my way to High Wycombe but have stopped for a restorative coffee).

* pear-shaped


Loving this Memrise celebration of the diversity of language. They have taken the linguistically important statement, “My hovercraft is full of eels” and got dozens of people to deliver it in their native language:

Bizarrely “My helicopter is full of eels” was already in my head as a ‘useful’ phrase but I didn’t know the word for hovercraft. I was delighted to discover through this that it is ‘Luftkissenfahrzeug‘ which more or less translates as Air-Cushion-Travel-Thing
Compound nouns are a wondrous thing