Just got my essay mark from Kings College. Had been a bit nervous about this one as the M.A was moved from a small but dynamic Practical Theology department to THE all encompassing theology department, and thus I was unsure how the changes would affect the marking criteria. To my enormous relief though I have a provisional mark of B+ which I am UNBELIEVABLY chuffed with! Phew
So happy that I am going to inflict the opening stanza on you:
“In the two millennia since Jesus walked the dusty roads of the Middle East, ecclesiology has been through a great many changes in understanding, emphasis and practice. The theologian Andrew F. Walls details a series of ‘snapshots’ of Christian practice and emphasis from 37AD to 1980 AD in different places and cultures, suggesting that they are, “cloaked with such heavy veils belonging to their environment that Christians of different times and places must often be unrecognizable to others, or indeed even to themselves, as manifestations of a single phenomenon.”
The Church in different times and different places has been very diverse indeed …..”

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