Back at the desk

My body is back at the desk this morning although my mind is still in Switzerland.
preachermn shot2.jpgI loved every aspect of being the Speaker on a Gold Hill holiday (although I turned out to be not brilliant at making teas and coffees for the guests on a moving coach, a new skill to acquire methinks). Being un-ordained and therefore not having a dog collar, I chose instead to use my helmet as a badge of office. One side of the helmet carried my tag, “Preacherman” and the other side carried the relevant reference, “Hebrews 12 vs 12”
From a ministry point of view these trips are fantastic in that they are all-age (the range on this trip was 11 – 68) and are a deep experience of community given that you are travelling, worshiping, skiing and washing up together.
The skiing was epic, truly epic. It was the best snow I’ve experienced in years meaning that the views were AMAZING, and that you could ski right down to the valley. It’s such an amazing experience to leave a bleak, rocky and snowy mountain top at around 3000m and wend your way downwards finally cruising down through the forest and back into the town.
Murren is now my favourite place to ski, although much fun was also had at Grindlewald FIRST, Mannlichen, and Kleine Scheidegg.
ski view.jpg

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