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We have a Netflix subscription at home now which has given me access to SCRUBS. I just love this programme, genius! Watched an episode last night that managed to make me laugh and cry at more or less the same time …. that’s some good writing and visual story telling.
Talking of brilliant writing: I loved the closing two-parter of “Cabin Pressure” at Christmas. The ‘Zurich’ episode was a brilliantly crafted and very satisfying conclusion.
I shall miss all the characters enormously although the quotes and voices live large in my mind. Farewell Gerti, Martin, Douglas, Arthur, Carolyn and of course her Serene Highness Princess Theresa Gustava Bonaventura of Lichtenstein!

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  1. Scrubs in magnificent. It’s the only medical show I watch. In its inherent silliness it conveys more truth about what being a doctor IS than any other show.
    On the subject of CP, is well worth reading. It is very clear from this how finnemore is very smart and understands his craft brilliantly:
    “I’ve said before that I often give episodes working titles alongside the geographical ones, to help keep my mind on the theme. Zurich’s was ‘Graduation Day’. My starting point was, why is this the final episode? I knew that everyone would still be doing their respective jobs at the end, so why won’t we be following them any more? Because, I decided, as well as the straight-forward happy endings involving gold and marriage; there needed to be another, intangible level of happy ending, in which all five of the crew graduated, in one way or another, from being sitcom characters.”

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