I’m back

I’m back and piloting the desk for the first time this year. I’m accompanied by a large mug of coffee, a To-do list and a small Henry Vacuum cleaner (Christmas present).
The first couple of weeks is going to be a little intense as I have muchos work to do, then when I get home I have to battle with completing the Ecclesiology essay in the face of a looming deadline, eek (2000 words done, 4000 to go!!)
Only a month though until I head out to Switzerland which is incredibly exciting (if I don’t think about the preparation I have to do for this)
But I am excited about 2015.
My work feels exciting and useful. Family are fab. The days are lengthening again. Oh and I’ve set myself the target of 24 comedy gigs this year.
The blog continues for the moment as people still seem to be tuning in? Am aiming to try and write up more of the discipleship and spirituality work that I have been doing.
Here’s to the adventure my fine friends ……..

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