Not TV or Not TV

I’m still not a big fan of TV but have to admit that it is great having access to the i-player to watch the occasional thing! Last night was one of those occasional things AND a corker it was too. The final episode in this series of Sherlock was fantastic. Ninety minutes of riveting, funny and clever drama, wonderful.
On the TV theme I was amused by this. A Norwegian station is experimenting with SLOW TV which seems to be a massive hit.

Why I love my coffee shop

Just had a lovely moment in my ‘Coffice!’
I had called in, on my way home from a consultation on Discipleship, to finish off some work.
Afternoons are definitely my weakness and at around 4pm I managed to doze off where I was sitting (with my hat over my eyes). I guess I was asleep for about 20 minutes or so, I woke up, pushed my hat off my eyes, and found the staff had placed a fresh made coffee between me and my still-open laptop. They said, ‘we figured you might need it!’
Lovely 🙂

From the observatory

I love the fact that all three of my children are teenagers at the moment! As a Youth Worker this is fascinating, engaging and great fun. I guess it’s the equivalent of a Volcanist discovering magma and steam forcing its way up in the back garden; all that fascinating stuff (that’s in line with your interest and studies), that you can observe without even leaving home. Brilliant!
I was sitting in the observatory (ok, the kitchen) this morning marveling at this, and just enjoying the teenageness happening around me.
I’m speaking at Cuddesdon (the ‘Holy Hogwarts’ Vicar Factory) next week on ‘teenagers’, I look forward to presenting some of my studies there. It’s a shame all of my crew will be at school as it would be fun to get them to be part of that and talk from their perspective.
Supplemental: Now wondering why I chose Volcanist as the equivalent? a subconscious link with adolescence being a tectonic upheaval perhaps

Theology, Church and Worship

I am just finishing up the essay on ‘Ecclesiology and Mission’ (well, by that I mean getting down to actually writing the last 5000 words) but at the same time I’m about to start the next module. I’m looking forward to digging into ‘theology, church and worship’ … it should be an interesting term.
I love being an M.A student, I love being at Kings, and I love the learning, debate and reading. Finding the time to write it and reference it coherently in an essay though is TOUGH going. This weekend will see me having to Carpe Scrib or I’ll be hearing the cry of the deep doo doo bird!