Youthwork the Conference goes residential

Youthwork the Conference is coming to Swindon! This is more exciting than it sounds!
PGL Liddington is a very cool centre that sleeps 400 in dorms of four and was a purpose built Golf/Leisure hotel …. This will be the venue for Youthwork the Conference in 2015 (Nov 13-15). This puts the conference REALLY close to the Diocese with the A420 tracking from Oxford to the venue(ish).
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Veteran Youthworker Ian Madonald writes: This puts me in mind of ‘Brainstormers’ (the Granddaddy of Youthwork the Conference) back in 1992 at Brean Sands. There is something very cool about the gathering being residential that creates a great dynamic, community and fun.

The 12 Videos of Christmas

Very grateful to Dave at Guildford for putting together the 12 Videos of Christmas.There is some GREAT stuff here …. especially loving this Morgan Freeman story:

Supplemental: The communicate Jesus site has posted what they are describing as the 40 Ultimate videos for Christmas Services.