Comedy Update

Ian Macdonald christmas comedy .jpg
Great evening at ACE SPACE for the annual charity Christmas bash, a cracking party it was. I was asked to do 10 minutes (well chuffed to have been asked). I feel like I’m learning and developing albeit slowly. I reckon the gig was mostly a ‘7’* but I managed to dip into a ‘6’ briefly with an idea that turned out to not be as funny as I thought (doh!) Was pleased with the finish though which felt back into the realms of ‘7’
Confessed my Birmingham roots last night and there is definitely some comedic scope in my Brummie identity it seems, ‘r, that’s just the way it is I reckon, bostin!’
This was gig number 7
Setting myself the goal of 24 gigs in 2015
* See here for comedy scale

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