Are you having a laugh

wannabecomic200.jpgI’m on stage tonight at an Open Mic as part of operation ‘Mid Life Crisis’ and my foray into comedy.
(If anyone in Newbury is up for a night out, 8pm at Ace Space)
I have been writing some stuff which has, I feel, possibilities. The thing is though, you don’t know, you just don’t know. I was watching an interview last night with the completely brilliant Tim Vine …. and he was clear that you may think something is funny but you can’t know, the collective audience reaction is the only measure. He went on to share how lines he thought were funny sometimes didn’t work, and lines that he thought were only so-so, flew!
I’m on again on the 21st December. The same venue but a paid ticket charity night/party. This is the first gig I have been specifically asked to do.
In the meantime if you have 10 minutes today, enjoy this wonderful 10 minutes of inspired silliness from Tim Vine.

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  1. I love Tim Vine; I think part of his genius lies simply in the pace that he keeps delivering his lines. Also “My grandfather designed the lions in Trafagar Square, it doesn’t sound very cutting edge now but at the time it put the cat amongst the pigeons…”

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