Youth worker offices 11

Way back in the annals of the archive of the Youthblog is a series of 10 posts where I posted pictures of youth workers offices. It was a bit of fun and a bit of insight into working environments. The desks and surround varied considerably in their tidyness from OCD right through to ‘Creative’ ….. We even had a measure, “The Hamilton Scale”*
Amused to see a picture of one of the Diocesan Youth and Children’s worker’s desks after what has been admittedly a full-on mad weekend for them. No names but it is the first to achieve an 11 on the Hamilton scale.
If you would like to see the rest of the series for reference (say if you are a vicar and wanting to see where on the scale your youth worker is) then click here.
I am also open to other examples submitted by the youth worker themselves …. or their vicar!
* Named after a youth worker in the Diocese whose desk existed (at least it was believe to still be there under the stuff) at the ‘Creative’ end of the continuum

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