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Some of the stuff on the internet is a little pointless but this rather random site wants to make a point (literally). Filed under the heading of “Some people have way too much spare time” here is a site that notes where your cursor is and finds a photo of someone pointing to that spot!

Children, Youth and Mission Work and the Prophetic Imagination

Tuesday 2nd December 10.30 – 2.00
St John’s College, Nottingham
with Dr Nick Shepherd
“Recent reports have identified that where churches are growing, children and you ministry is at the heart of activity. A glance across the pages of local newspapers and reports on voluntary organisations shows that churches and Cristian charities continue to be at the forefront of social care. The task of renewing the church and reclaiming the common good captures the fullness of godly ambition for ministry and mission with children and young people. In this lecture Nick Shepherd will explore Walter Bruggemann’s notion of the prophetic imagination and how this is needed to help shape the twin tasks of renewing the church and reclaiming the common good.
Nick will also be explaining the new courses that CYM will be delivering from 2015 as part of the Durham Common Awards in Mission and Ministry with the opportunity for endorsement in a range of fields including youth ministry, youth and community work, children and family ministry, work in schools and chaplaincy”

details/booking: Gill Benson or phone 0115 9683222

Carpe YOLO

Had a great time at a Church youth group last night, exploring (at their invitation) ‘YOLO’ … which I thought was a great topic. Thoroughly enjoyed myself as we explored what a life truly lived might involve.
We inevitably watched a bit of ‘Dead Poets Society’
We talked about moments where we’d felt really alive
We had fun with an auction of ‘stuff’ that might fuel or give meaning to our lives
In terms of Bible, we dug into Mathew 19 (Rich young ruler) and tried to hold this alongside Jesus other teaching about what a centred life might involve. (I actually doodled the pictures and themes on a big sheet of paper as we explored the passage …. this worked well, going to do that again).
Ended the session talking about Jesus and whether his offer of “Life to the Full” was for real. We distilled the adventure of being a disciple of Jesus as having a hero, a cause …. and the fuel!
Thoroughly enjoyed the mix of fun and seriousness with an awesome bunch of young people 🙂