Comedic Update

I did my fifth proper ‘gig’ last week (I’m only counting full on proper sets using my own material) at the Corn Exchange in Newbury. They have an evening called ‘Live n’ Lyrical’ which is kind of Open-Mic-esque but performers have to book in at least a month in advance. No video sadly to do a post-match debrief but it went somewhere between a ‘5’ and a ‘6’ with smiles and laughter in evidence. At the last moment I switched from a political gag to a more surreal opening line, but on balance I think neither of these were quite right for the room/audience. Note to self: Need punchy gag (laugh), punchy gag (laugh) in the first 30 seconds with a mellow Arts Centre type audience as you are effectively your own warm up.
At the weekend though I was running the ‘Church Weekend Away’ evening entertainment and I was really pleased with this as a piece of MC-ing. I did an opening couple of minutes which got really solid laughter and was especially pleasing because the absence of staging and lighting made this more difficult. Holding the whole thing together, plus being able to Riff from stuff that happened made this a very pleasing experience indeed.
I am now thinking about the Richter scale for comedic post-gig analysis
1. DOA *
2. Bemusement
3. Evidence of amusement
4. Very Patchy laughter
5. Audience liking you but you fail to develop the potential
6. Good laughs but dead spots
7. Consistent warmth, some good laughter and at least one snort
8. Audience doing some of the work for you. The odd Belly laugh and/or tear
9. Laughter and tears, with spontaneous laughs escaping between gags
10. Riding a wave of laughter with consistent 8 and 9 type phenomena

Next gig December 3rd at ACE SPACE
Currently trying to work-up Christmas material
* Not ‘Dead on Arrival’ but a technical comedy term, ‘Died on Arse’

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