New wheels Specialized Rockhopper Evo Pro

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You know when you are a kid, and as you grow up one of the markers is getting a bike with bigger wheels than the previous one! Well I guess I’ve grown up a bit this week as I’ve moved from Mountain biking on 26″ wheels to moving onto the new standard, 29-ers, oh yes!
This is my new rural assault weapon …. rolling past (fast) on a Bridleway near you!
November 30th
Ok, I have been riding this for a month now and feel able to fully review the 2014 Specialized Rockhopper Evo Pro.
It’s a good looking bike with a fine range of componentry and contact points; Brakes and gears doing their job beautifully. I’m really liking the Sram 2 x 10 set up with the ‘X7′ rear Mech, whilst the 29er wheels roll very nicely indeed especially at battle speed’ (they do feel marginally slower’ to accelerate). In theory then I should be delighted but I am having some difficulties with the handling. The frame design which has a ‘more relaxed geometry’ allied with longer stiffer 120 mm travel forks seems to me to need more weight distribution to the front as I have had a couple of times where the front end washes out. This may be a tyre issue though and it just makes it feel less planted at the front? Will keep experimenting. It’s great at straight line though and an able climber.
(Just noticed that MBR were ‘underwhelmed’ by this model in their review so there maybe something of how the front end doesn’t perform in their experience too)

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