Bio angst

I have been asked for a Bio’ for a conference I am speaking at next year. It is SO HARD to write something that is a useful summary of yourself that doesn’t come across as either, a bit pretentious or instead, too flippant!
Errrr ……..
Ian Macdonald is a youthful middle-aged geek who seeks to serve his twin passions of Stand Up Comedy and Youth Ministry usefully (one of which he pays to do, the other he gets paid for). He feels very blessed to have four sheds, three teenagers, two bicycles and one wife.
Ian Macdonald is a Contemplative Christian Activist seeking to redefine Orthodoxy (partly because he doesn’t fit easily into any particular category). When he is not enabling Youth Ministry or Mission in the Diocese of Oxford he can be found out in THE cathedral, either cycling, hiking or kayaking.
Ian Macdonald is an amateur ecclesiologist and a professional youth worker. He finds a home in the Mission department in the Diocese of Oxford helping churches to engage with young people and community. He is interested in everything (which makes a bio difficult to write) but is currently very excited that he is to be speaking on a ski trip, meaning he can claim his ministry is going downhill!
Whilst taking comedy very seriously, Ian Macdonald retains a sense of humour and playfulness in his approach to theology and spirituality. He works within the mission department of the Diocese of Oxford focused on youth ministry, emerging culture and discipleship. He has recently returned from speaking overseas and finds that this experience of the Isle of Wight has completely changed his geography.
There are well over a million entries relating to “Ian Macdonald” on Google, nearly all of which aren’t him. If you are patient enough though you can eventually find that he is a Christian, a cyclist, an expert on Creosote (don’t ask) and works for the Church of England in the arenas of Discipleship and Youth Ministry.
You see?

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