The cuts

The Mirror writes of a Timebomb for young people and flags up an important report coming out from Unison tomorrow.
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“Britain is facing a “time bomb” of struggling youngsters whose lives have been seriously damaged by the Tory-led Coalition’s cuts, a shock report has warned.
In the last two years more than 2,000 youth workers have been axed and 350 youth centres have been shut, severing vital lifelines.
Massive cuts are depriving thousands of youngsters – many from poor backgrounds – of the help they need to get qualifications and find work, and of crucial advice on drug and drink abuse.
The most detailed study to date – by Britain’s biggest public sector union Unison – on the effect of the cuts warns of disaster for a generation of youngsters.
Titled The Damage and published tomorrow, it will expose an increase in crime and anti-social behaviour, higher rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually-transmitted infections, and rising rates of youth unemployment.
A staggering 41,000 youth service places have been lost while 35,000 hours of outreach work by youth workers have been axed.
Unison fears it could be the first public service to disappear entirely in some parts of the country.
One expert said: “We are seeing the unpicking of 60-70 years of history in three or four years, that is the scale of the devastation of the cuts.”

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