One hundred miler

I spent a great deal of yesterday gripped onto theses handlebars as I piloted my bicycle through 100 miles of the Wiltshire countryside. All in all an epic eight hours through beautiful countryside on a superb ride organised by Bike Events. Am I feeling it today? oh yes!
A couple of my friends did 100 milers last year. I was amused to find that I was envious rather than grimacing on their behalf. A year on and I’m really pleased to have completed my own ride. I am not however rushing to repeat it *laughing*
Miles by Mile narrative:
0-10 Yay
10-20 Doing OK
20-30 eek, there is a long long way to go
30-40 Rolling well
40-50 Ouch, eek and slight nervousness
50-60 May have made a mistake?
60-70 Definitely made a mistake!!!!
70-80 just KEEP pedaling
80-90 second wind, I CAN do this
90-100 I’ve – just – got – to – keep – going

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