Water Slides

Loving the water slide at Camp! Such a lot of fun from a long sheet of plastic, a hose pipe and a bit of washing up liquid!
In case it’s useful to any other groups, here’s the stuff we’ve thought or learnt over the years.
1. Work had at finding the best bit of slope with no dips in so that the water runs well down the slide (and doesn’t funnel off to the side)
2. You’ll need to find a way of pegging it down a little (especially if there’s a breeze) but the fixings must not protrude.
3. Make sure there is an organised queue so there is clarity around who is next.
4. Lilos work really well on the ‘slide’ …. and the way they work best is form them to be on the slide and people dive onto them. (We’ve found people running up carrying an inflatable doesn’t work as well, and has a huge danger (if they throw it down a little short of the slide on the grass the inflatable will instantly grip and stop … whilst the person doesn’t!!!)
5. Avoid black plastic for the slide ….. it gets way too hot in sunlight
6. Being clear that standing up approach will not work AND may involve a heavy fall
7. Don’t have too long a session so that the fun, anticipation tails off; quit whilst there is still a buzz about the experience.

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