Youthwork the Conference

Youthwork the Conference this year is entitled “Back to Basics” and is happening in Eastbourne on 14th – 16th November. (Tickets are cheaper if you pay before the end of June) Details are ici
I’m liking the idea of ‘Back to Basics’ … I’m hoping that this will include returning to the way we used to do publicity before any of this new-fangled computing and ‘desk top publishing’ malarky. For younger youth workers this is what we used to do ‘back in the day:’
Buy a book of Clipart! Cut it out and stick it on a piece of paper, and then write the details in our best handwriting. By turning down the contrast you could ‘lose’ the lines around the cut out and you’d have some HIGH QUALITY publicity …. especially if you photocopied onto coloured paper!
Clip art book.jpg
OOPs, I should point out this is an ACTUAL book!

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