I have been referred to twice as ‘svelte’ this week!!? *laughing* Looked up the meaning and found two keywords: ‘slender(ish)’ maybe, but ‘elegant!’ Not sure that’s quite me, especially with huge plaster and tape on one hand holding saw mishap wound together*
Feeling good though (re svelte) and looking forward to an 80 mile bike ride in two weeks time. (Have a 100 miler in the diary for September). Also loving being a part-time vegetarian, or an infrequent carnivore if that works better
*In an amusingly synchronous coincidence, I arrived with battle wound at work to find the chainsaw safety gear I had ordered on my desk!

Christianity + Journey (- Church)

This book looks like it could be an important one, not just in what is written … but in the fact it exists and is being talked about. Jamieson wrote a few years ago about adults who had left the church IN ORDER to grow in faith and action and community. This I think will similarly reflect cultural fractures that result in the struggle many find to be questioning, doubting, hoping, growing, Christ-centered activists in mainstream churches.
Added to reading list!

Son Spotting

Weird moment last night when I was out in the van giving someone a lift home … and spotted my son driving on the same stretch of road! First time I’ve spotted him out solo.
Cool moment too though!
Motability have been such a great support in this whole process …. and they are also going to put Haddon through his “Pass Plus” lessons.


If you bought tickets for a series of six linked concerts in a particular genre, by an orchestra who are the world leaders in these pieces … and are superlative on the required niche instrumentation, and unique playing style; you’d expect to enjoy that particular orchestra six times, to enjoy the whole series completed by the virtuoso experts who can truly make this set of compositions live.
I imagine you’d be more than a little disappointed if the Orchestra were disbanded in a cost-cutting exercise two concerts in, and you were told that there is another orchestra who will now absorb the series, and will do their best to provide at least some of the pieces as best they can, but may have to offer alternatives more akin to where their own experience and instrumentation lies.
Oh and by the way; did I mention that Kings College London are [potentially] closing ‘The Centre for Theology, Religion and Culture’ wherein my partially completed course is located?

Youthwork the Conference

Youthwork the Conference this year is entitled “Back to Basics” and is happening in Eastbourne on 14th – 16th November. (Tickets are cheaper if you pay before the end of June) Details are ici
I’m liking the idea of ‘Back to Basics’ … I’m hoping that this will include returning to the way we used to do publicity before any of this new-fangled computing and ‘desk top publishing’ malarky. For younger youth workers this is what we used to do ‘back in the day:’
Buy a book of Clipart! Cut it out and stick it on a piece of paper, and then write the details in our best handwriting. By turning down the contrast you could ‘lose’ the lines around the cut out and you’d have some HIGH QUALITY publicity …. especially if you photocopied onto coloured paper!
Clip art book.jpg
OOPs, I should point out this is an ACTUAL book!

Christ Church Abingdon

Had a great time yesterday afternoon dropping into a Charity fundraising and community event dreamt up, and run by the Pathfinder group at Christ Church. They were manning all the stands, providing the 2 bands for music …. and having fun in the process. The lad on the plant stall has all the makings of an EXCELLENT salesman! I have a plant (but then, not buying one was probably not an option *laughing*).
Pathfinders day.jpg
Thoroughly enjoyed cake, BBQ, chats and music!