Back in the day (before mobile phones) the way to share messages and arrange meet ups at the festival, or to leave a map of where you were camping …. was the notice board! The Social Media of its day; requests for lifts, greetings, meetings, band recommendations, humour, oh and in a real improvement on current social media, no pictures of cats or puppies!
The reason I mention this IS that the new Greenbelt site is beautiful, funky, cool, AND devoid of mobile phone network coverage!
The Notice Board will have to make a return! See you there (if I can find you)
Old Skool
(The team wherein I reside are busy working out a communication strategy so that people can be summoned for shifts AND coffee orders can be placed. Walkie Talkies is an option but our resident boffin may be able to innovate a rather natty electronic sign that will act as a information beacon)

Gen Z, Generation Citizen, born mid 90’s

Some really interesting work by Sparks and Honey on Gen Z. It’s focusing on America but the themes translate across much of Western culture. There’s an article here but the Slideshare is excellent. This is going to be the basis for some great conversations with young people for me.

Now that’s what I call a weekend

Jo, Haddon and I had the most extraordinary time at the Watercombe Music festival! It was a small intimate festival with an amazing line up …. and such a great vibe, all the more so given the sunshine!
Watercombe 2014small.jpg
We came across the festival through wanting to hear Police Dog Hogan again. Having got ourselves there and set Charlie Van up, we encountered so many cool bands. Ben Waters Band (he organises the festival) were oh so funky. Mungo Jerry was a hoot, Geno Washington (the guy who “Oh Geno” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners, was about) put on an epic performance. I loved Vintage (seriously polished and cool performances of 50’s and 60’s rock). Police Dog Hogan were every bit as wonderful as ever …. and it was great to get chance to chat to them after the gig.
But one of the real surprises for me was lady Winwoods Maggots who delivered such a great and engaging set with huge energy and cool musicianship. Check out the video (But read first their descriptor from their web site):
“Sometimes an angel choir. Sometimes a chainsaw going through puppies. The Clash mating with Johnny Cash. Lady Winwoods Maggot have been storming the south for many years with their unique style of Death Western.
Fusing traditional American and Irish music with self-written songs and presenting them with an old-school punk attitude. Banjo, Mandolin and Acoustic Guitar are backed with thunderous Drums and Bass”.

Lots of spoonfuls of sugar help the medicine go down

It would look quite disgusting if someone put 7 spoons of sugar in their tea BUT apart from the first two drinks, around 7 tea spoons is the starting point and goes up until nearly 12.
Definitely feeling uncomfortable that back in the day I used to run youth group tuck shops with very little thought about the sugar content.