Back in the day (before mobile phones) the way to share messages and arrange meet ups at the festival, or to leave a map of where you were camping …. was the notice board! The Social Media of its day; requests for lifts, greetings, meetings, band recommendations, humour, oh and in a real improvement on current social media, no pictures of cats or puppies!
The reason I mention this IS that the new Greenbelt site is beautiful, funky, cool, AND devoid of mobile phone network coverage!
The Notice Board will have to make a return! See you there (if I can find you)
Old Skool
(The team wherein I reside are busy working out a communication strategy so that people can be summoned for shifts AND coffee orders can be placed. Walkie Talkies is an option but our resident boffin may be able to innovate a rather natty electronic sign that will act as a information beacon)

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