If you bought tickets for a series of six linked concerts in a particular genre, by an orchestra who are the world leaders in these pieces … and are superlative on the required niche instrumentation, and unique playing style; you’d expect to enjoy that particular orchestra six times, to enjoy the whole series completed by the virtuoso experts who can truly make this set of compositions live.
I imagine you’d be more than a little disappointed if the Orchestra were disbanded in a cost-cutting exercise two concerts in, and you were told that there is another orchestra who will now absorb the series, and will do their best to provide at least some of the pieces as best they can, but may have to offer alternatives more akin to where their own experience and instrumentation lies.
Oh and by the way; did I mention that Kings College London are [potentially] closing ‘The Centre for Theology, Religion and Culture’ wherein my partially completed course is located?

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  1. its terrible news – heard about it a few weeks ago – you could transfer credits to another institution – St Meelitus now provide an MA in christian leadership that you may find useful

  2. Thanks Tim,
    Am still waiting to hear what is on offer through Kings … as the Practical theology approach in exploring “Contemporary Ecclesiology” is a great fit with the work I am doing around Discipleship. I’m hoping they will honour a good chunk of their commintment, but it remains to be seen.
    All VERY Unknown at the moment
    Hugely dissapointed

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