Christianity + Journey (- Church)

This book looks like it could be an important one, not just in what is written … but in the fact it exists and is being talked about. Jamieson wrote a few years ago about adults who had left the church IN ORDER to grow in faith and action and community. This I think will similarly reflect cultural fractures that result in the struggle many find to be questioning, doubting, hoping, growing, Christ-centered activists in mainstream churches.
Added to reading list!

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  1. Martin,
    It will be a U.S context but I think much of it will be resonant with UK. I am expecting some exploration of the fracture between older generation whose primary focus is orthodoxy and Xers and below who are driven more by orthopraxy. I think study will reveal smaller groups pursuing; genuine community, spiritual practice, questions and activism.
    But that’s pre-empting a whole bunch, the kindle version comes out on June 24th so will be able to update you shortly after that.
    I liked your comment “This is me!”
    This is SO many other people too, arguably 85% of Greenbelt attendees included

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