A six year vision

It was back in May 2008 that I managed to get Haddon his first drive in a Go-Kart (despite the operator taking one look at Haddon and assuming he couldn’t do it (for those without the back story, my son has cerebral Palsy). Seeing him drive that Go-Kart prompted me to believe that he COULD one day get a driving licence and enjoy a degree of independence and opportunity that he might not otherwise get.
It took another 14 months to find a local track that would let him drive, but the wonderful Karting Oxford made it possible, and we’ve been going since. Everything else has flowed from this; driving his Aunts car on private land, a full-on assessment, the support of Motability, many hours out in the car, and a wonderful driving instructor. Jo and I have had to hold tight onto the vision in the face of other peoples skepticism, well meaning doubt, and sometimes crushing incredulity.
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When he phoned to tell me he’d passed he said that from the sound I made he couldn’t tell if I was crying or laughing. (The answer was in fact, both!)
Last night Jo and I waved him off. He went, in his words, “For a bit of a cruise around town” and then dropped in to see his Uncle. Huge grin when he arrived back and cheekily pointed to the car and said, “look, no bumps!

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