Post Conference Buzz

I am still buzzing from conference last week and all that I experienced in the company of my fellow Youth Advisers from England and Wales. Having a group of peers and practitioners that you can cry with and laugh with is a wonderful thing, especially when we also have in common a great heart for young people, for mission, for the church, for the kingdom of God ….. and (deeply connected with the others) for fun!
I can’t believe that we played such an epic game of Cricket on the beach with each side Captained by a Bishop! I can’t believe the journey we went on with the deep wisdom and teaching of Mark Yaconelli. I can’t believe the party we had one evening when I dressed up a chair! Actually too many greats to mention but really blessed too by the prayer and worship, and deep conversations. Epic!
One of the things that we always do is finding a way of enabling relevant conversation with others in this “Community of practice” around shared areas of concern or focus. This year we all had to bring something a bit arty to display that would help others to know who was working on what. Quite a bit of my work at the moment with in the ‘Department of Mission’ is around Discipleship, so this was my conversation starter:
Unrelated to the conference I also had half an hour with Helen who runs the “Laughing Sole” Comedy Club going through my first gig and giving me feedback, which was so helpful.
Back to normal life this week though, but very grateful for the Epic time up in t’north!

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