Indoor Cycling

Limited blogging this week as I am on a week off. A mixture of much to do on the house and garden, and the shocking weather has meant that cycling has mainly been an indoor sport. It’s been fun to get the Rollers out the loft and be getting back into the Zen-like zone needed to ride them well (i.e stay on them, and get a good work out). It’s been rather fun and with two added bonuses: 1. No cars endangering your well-being, 2. If anyone walks past you get to give them a massive static shock!
Here’s someone who has not yet got the Zen of cycle rollers:

and conversely, riding them like a boss

Youth Group names

Back in the day I wrote a bit about the truly cheesy Youth Group names that I occasionally came across …. and the folly of leaders trying to give something a ‘cool’ name.
I was reminded of this when I just read this fantastic piece, 5 rules for naming your Youth Group by Jamie Cutteridge, Genius! Made me laugh.

Interesting times

A lot of my work at the moment is around the whole arena of Discipleship, specifically helping churches to look at how they might approach whole life discipleship, and explore practice that is not chiefly informational and doctrinal.
Helping churches to explore the sort of faith that they are modelling, living … and thus inviting young people into, it seems to me is key to engagement with young people. Too often churches are inadvertently offering a ‘belief system’ rather than a radical offer of life and purpose in and through Christ. It’s not that they are not doing wonderful things but somehow the sharing of the story, and of the life, comes down to words … and assuming that people are empty vessels.
Alan Hirsch describes the current state of Discipleship as “an intellectual assimilation of theological ideas”
If you’d like to chat through some of this stuff and for us to have a mutual learning conversation, then give me a shout (or an e-mail). Musing

Network Meeting

Calling all Youth Workers/Ministers within the Diocese of Oxford!
I’d to invite you to our next gathering which will be on the 12th June
(10:30 for 11am, 3pm finish)
We’ll again be meeting at Christ Church Abingdon (lured back by the fabulous coffee and food) and we’ll be exploring ‘Spiritual nurture and development’
RSVP please