Police Dog Hogan

Had a great night on Saturday when H and I went to a gig at ACE SPACE. The band playing were Police Dog Hogan, I’d not heard of them but the rumours suggested this would be a great evening ….. and it was! They were brilliant!
I’ve tried several times to describe the band but I can’t quite sum them up, however the description on the web site is spot on:
“Police Dog Hogan are a high-energy and eclectic seven-piece, combining fiddle, banjo, mandolin, drums and guitars with knockout four-part harmonies in an exuberant fusing of country, pop, folk, and rocking urban bluegrass”

They play live together so well, in fact I reckon the live performances are better than the studio recordings. If you get chance to catch one of their gigs, then I recommend you do so.
The banjo and mandolin player was a very cool guy indeed and I was convinced that I recognised him, even his name, Tim Dowling, seemed familiar. Very confusing given that my knowledge of Mandolin players is non existent. It was only today I realised that he’s the magazine columnist from the Guardian Magazine (which I read for years) and that this brilliant band were the tin pot amateur band he made comic references to being part of.

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