Happy Easter

Well dear Reader, I wish you a great EASTER!
Every blessing for this seasonal epi-centre of Hope, Life, possibility, and well …. chocolate
I’m now off for two weeks so the blog is in stasis. I shall be busy family-ing, cycling, V-Dubbing, oh and writing 6000 words on Ecclesiology (eek)
The blog will return on the morning of April 28th. Past usefulness is no guarantee of future content. This blog and all therin is the personal opinion of Ian Macdonald and does not reflect the views of the Diocese of Oxford, the Church of England or Youth workers anywhere. Any similarity to people, animals or entities (living, dead or notional) is purely coincidental. The work is copyright but hey you can use stuff if you ask. This blog is run by a professionally trained blogger who is conversant with html and spam filterage; you are not advised to try this at home!

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