Comedy confidence crisis

Forty Eight hours until my first stand-up gig, but is what I think of as funny, funny? Staring at the material I have written through the lense of abject terror is not encouraging.
I will have confidence in the material
I will have confidence in the material
I will have confidence in the material
aarrghghhgh!!! Looks at booking immediate flights to Antwerp or Gothenburg.
(Those are funny place names, right?)
A man walks into a comedy club!
“Idiot”, he thinks. “what are you doing here?”

(Did I mention how fond of my comfort zone I was? It was a great place and I was very attached to it indeed! Out here in the wilderness of uncertainty under the gathering clouds of abject failure, pressing on into the headwind of self doubt, I am starkly reminded of the sofa by the fire in the familiar lounge of normality!)*
*Probably the effect of my late night snack, i.e a bit cheesy, oh and of course, … crackers!

Police Dog Hogan

Had a great night on Saturday when H and I went to a gig at ACE SPACE. The band playing were Police Dog Hogan, I’d not heard of them but the rumours suggested this would be a great evening ….. and it was! They were brilliant!
I’ve tried several times to describe the band but I can’t quite sum them up, however the description on the web site is spot on:
“Police Dog Hogan are a high-energy and eclectic seven-piece, combining fiddle, banjo, mandolin, drums and guitars with knockout four-part harmonies in an exuberant fusing of country, pop, folk, and rocking urban bluegrass”

They play live together so well, in fact I reckon the live performances are better than the studio recordings. If you get chance to catch one of their gigs, then I recommend you do so.
The banjo and mandolin player was a very cool guy indeed and I was convinced that I recognised him, even his name, Tim Dowling, seemed familiar. Very confusing given that my knowledge of Mandolin players is non existent. It was only today I realised that he’s the magazine columnist from the Guardian Magazine (which I read for years) and that this brilliant band were the tin pot amateur band he made comic references to being part of.

and so I’m back

and so I’m back
from outer space
I just walked in
…………….. *Gloria Gaynor impression fades*
Epic holiday (actually, mainly a staycation) and although somewhat dominated by household maintenance and a complex essay, I have had a wonderful time with family, friends, cycling and the odd DVD (for at least one film that was true, literally).
Back at work though (“Good Morning, how may I be of assistance?”) and am about to do combat with the mail and the e-mail. I shall attempt to not get distracted by the fact that my essay is not technically, actually finished quite yet ….. and that my mind is on my first Stand-Up comedy gig which is happening this Friday.
oh as long as I know how to blog I know I will survive,
I will survive (hey hey hey)