Stirring my military interest

spoons3reich.jpgGiven that my engagement with AMAZON extends across stuff for youth work, academic learning, purchases for the offspring … and onto V-dubs, cycling, languages and more, their “Amazon recommends” can be somewhat weird. Never more so than this morning when my e-mail from the gargantuan e-tailer suggested I might wish to avail myself of:
Collectible spoons of the Third Reich
I don’t think I’ve ever had such a specific recommendation before! Why spoons? Why from the Third Reich? I feel I might lean more towards place-mats from the Weimar Republic or perhaps Prussian dessert forks, as an area of focused collection.
I am trying to prioritize the High Street over using Amazon, I have to say though that Amazon still win hands down for eclecticism and humour.
Supplemental: A quick search did unearth this definitive work on British Spoons from 1650 to 2000! Got to love the scope of this!

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  1. My only guess is that has been generated by an algorithm that thinks I just like weird books, such as recent purchases/enquiries
    How to Avoid Huge Ships
    Mastering Arabic
    Missionary Movement in Church History
    Do you have an additional perspective?

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