“Adolescence is the human condition – on steroids! Everything is more intense, more deeply felt and lived”
I can’t remember who I am quoting, and I know that the quote is not verbatim BUT ht to whoever it was for this important insight and truism.

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  1. I believe it comes from Practicing Passion: Youth and the Quest for a Passionate Church.
    Just from the title, I suspect it must be in your library.
    ‘Christian educator Michael Warren has put it, there are no so-called “youth problems” that are not, in fact human problems found among all ages groups, “now come to roost among the young.” This does not relieve us of a need to adapt ministry for young people: ministry is always a particular enterprise. Yet because adolescence itself is a modern invention that weds social location with psychological development, young people inevitably “act out” – acutely – what is required for being human in their particular moment in history. As one young person told me, “Adolescence is, like, you know, the human condition on steroids.”’

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