Are you serious?

“Yep, no joke!
Hosting the comedy evening at the clergy conference clarified something in my mind. I want to do Stand Up comedy! I’ve compared bits n’ bobs over the years, run the entertainment at various church weekends away and the like; but I’ve not taken it further. It’s time to Stand Up, as it were!
I figure if I write it here in indelible html then both the blog readers will keep me accountable to my comedic intention!
If you hear of any ‘open mic’ nights or similar, then let me know.

Resistance to Change

“Sadly, the mind trapped inside of polarity thinking is not open to change. How else can we explain the obvious avoidance of so many of Jesus’ major teachings within the Christian churches? Jesus’ direct and clear teachings on issues such as nonviolence; a simple lifestyle; love of the poor and our enemies; forgiveness, inclusivity, and mercy; and not seeking status, power, perks, or possessions have all been overwhelmingly ignored throughout history by mainline Christian churches, even those who so proudly call themselves orthodox or biblical.
This avoidance defies explanation until we understand how dualistic thinking protects and pads the ego and its fear of change. Notice that the things we Christians have largely ignored require actual change to ourselves. The things we emphasized instead were usually intellectual beliefs or moral superiority stances that asked almost nothing of us–but compliance from others: the divinity of Christ, the virgin birth, the atonement theory, and beliefs about reproduction and sex. After a while, you start to recognize the underlying bias that is at work. The ego diverts your attention from anything that would ask you to change, to righteous causes that invariably ask others to change”


Innovation in Youth Work

One day conference hosted by the YMCA on May 13th 2014. Creative Practice in Challenging times
“Youth workers are operating in difficult times; traditional sources of funding for youth work have in many areas of the country, been heavily impacted by austerity cutbacks since the fiscal crisis. Universal services are fast disappearing. Many are worried about the decimation of youth work services, some are proclaiming the death of youth work that is young people led and voluntarily accessed and some are concerned that youth work is becoming associated with deficit models of practice that advocate the social improvement of ‘disadvantaged’/ ‘anti-social’ young people and their families through targeted short term work”