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I love the Wetherspoons pub chain. Just thought I should put it on record!
An Inn that opens at 7am for superb breakfasts and then continues to serve great food all day, a warm welcome and a place of community, and prices that are affordable enough to visit as a family.
My dad and I used to meet up for lunch at the one in Banbury which is a happy memory
As a family we enjoy The Hatchet in the centre of Newbury.
Got to love a Wetherspoons. What a good English pub should be!
(My one dream would be that they didn’t continue to over-chill the ale but hey if It was perfect that would be weird)

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  1. David,
    Hadn’t realised that. Quite funny.
    If I ever achieve something successful there are a fair number of teachers who could provide the ironic name.
    Did a bit more research and found this which I liked, an Orwellian inspiration
    “Tim Martin, who was a young entrepreneur in 1976 when he read an Orwell article in the Evening Standard from 40 years earlier describing his perfect pub – free of music so that the customers could talk freely, selling cheap and nutritious food, serving its draught beer in pewter tankards, and where the friendly barmaids know your name”

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