Just got my marks back for my first M.A essay and ….. *drum roll* I passed! (phew). I clearly have a WAY to go as the feedback was critical of my structure and of my grammar but nevertheless I am a citizen today of Big Grin City.
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Can Church be Missional?
“The question is an interesting one given that theologically the church is birthed in God’s missionary imperative. The church is the body of Christ, imbued by the spirit, and tasked with the continuing mission for which the Father sent Christ, and then Christ sends the church . The book of Acts records that unfolding mission, telling the story of how the redemptive work of Jesus spreads throughout the Roman Empire as the ecclesia are driven outwards; by the spirit, by obedience to the ‘great commission ,’ and by persecution”
…. and then I ramble on for a few pages, arguing that the answer is that mainstream church in its inherited mode is not ‘mission shaped’ in its ecclesiology.

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